The Prince's Romance Gambit, Volume 7

Koume and Akari are set to fiercely battle over Hatsuyuki at the fateful Christmas Festival, but you won’t believe how it turns out!! And once the smoke settles, in order to relieve Koume’s fatigue, Hatsuyuki takes her to…a hot spring? What will happen when snow traps them alone together for a night?! Things really move in the seventh volume of this super high-spec prince X totally average girl romantic comedy!

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Koume finally manages to tell Hatsuyuki that she loves him, and now that their love is requited, everything is going perfectly for the young couple. Nothing can stop the prince’s...

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There’s no stopping the super high-spec prince’s unusual and excessive love! After Hatsuyuki leaves the school to protect Koume and the others, she abducts him and runs off with him...

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