The Wallflower, Volume 31

ANOTHER RAMPAGE! Reasonable Takenaga and wild boy Ky?hei have got to learn to live with one another. And to do that... they're going to seclude themselves together in the mountains?! Meanwhile, Sunako's childhood friend Yuki has her first date since coming to Tokyo, but the power of the snow woman turns Ky?hei to ice! What will Sunako do to heat him back up? Surely not... that?!

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DANCING DRAMA Sunako joins the classical ballet club! As she piourettes across the stage as the Black Swan, will she finally come into her own as a lady?! Meanwhile, has...

Most Recent Volume: The Wallflower, Volume 36

FEMME FINALE The mad dash to ladyhood for horror-girl Sunako and her dazzlingly beautiful boys draws to a close in their last adventure. Things start to heat up for Sunako...

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