The Walls Between Us, Volume 3

When her childhood friend Reita Kikuchi confesses his feelings for Makoto Sakurai, she panics, worrying about how it might affect their friendship. After she lies and says that she's interested in someone else, Reita's friend Yusuke Abiko comes up with an interesting solution… Follow Makoto's adventure as she navigates the ups and downs of dating her egotistical childhood friend in the second installment of this romantic comedy!

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Makoto Sakurai has finally discovered her feelings for childhood friend Reita Kikuchi, but her fear of destroying their friendship keeps her from making a move. Meanwhile, Reita's friend Yusuke Abiko...

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Final volume! Makoto Sakurai is finally the official girlfriend of her childhood friend Reita Kikuchi. As her feelings for him grow stronger and stronger, Reita makes a certain proposal …...