cover for Those Snow White Notes, 6

Those Snow White Notes, Volume 6

The awaited Tsugaru Shamisen Koshien “Matsugoro Cup” has begun. Everyone on Setsu’s team from Umezono Private School is fired up for the first day’s group competition. But before their eyes, the Osaka team led by Takaomi Kaji, the Fukuoka team led by Ushio Arakawa, and the Aomori team led by Mai Tanuma show off their relentless performances! Just when everyone is in the midst of nerves and tension, Setsu quietly and slowly lifts their spirits with the words: “Your determination is at its peak.” Now full of courage, Umezono Private School finally takes the stage in the group competition!

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Things are heating up at the Tsugaru Shamisen Koshien “Matsugoro Cup” with the individual competition! Takaomi Kaji of Osaka, whose flawless performance in the group competition led his team to...

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The Tsugaru Shamisen Koshien “Matsugoro Cup” ends with a thunderous applause for the performance of the genius Soichi Tanuma! Upon hearing that performance, a feeling he’s never known before begins...