To Be Next to You, Volume 2

Nina had become wary of Yuiko after she shared a kiss with Kyosuke. Even after Nina confesses to Kyosuke, his only reply is, "I can't look at you in that way." Being the one next to Kyosuke had always been a warm and welcoming spot for her, and she thought that her position would never change, yet ... Here comes the much-awaited second volume of a young romance story, filled with a mixture of complicated thoughts and emotions.

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Standing next to Nina's beloved Kyosuke was none other than Yuiko. Nina knew that she'd only be in pain if she didn't put an end to her own feelings, but...

Most Recent Volume: To Be Next to You, Volume 10

A huge hit! This is the last installment of Atsuko Namba's story about pure romance. With the start of a new season, who does Nina’s smile lie with? Also included...

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