To Be Next to You, Volume 5

With Nina struggling after her feelings aren’t able to reach Kyosuke, she’s shown kindness by her classmate Miyake’s, upon which her feelings begin to waver. So she promises a one and only date with him. However, upon returning from that date, what will Nina do when she starts to feel the urge to have him stay with her longer?!

Next Volume: To Be Next to You, Volume 6

Kyosuke finds himself unable to hide his annoyance at how Nina’s been caught up in her relatioship with Miyake. Which in turn causes uncertainty in Nina due to Kyosuke’s unusual...

Most Recent Volume: To Be Next to You, Volume 10

A huge hit! This is the last installment of Atsuko Namba's story about pure romance. With the start of a new season, who does Nina’s smile lie with? Also included...

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