To Be Next to You, Volume 7

While Nina is fond of Miyake, Kyosuke’s statement of “The one who thinks of us as siblings is her” keeps turning in her mind. Despite promising to spend Christmas Eve together with Miyake, something happens to Kyosuke and…! Is there a more mature development between Nina and Miyake? What about the meaning behind Kyosuke’s surprising statement?! It’s Atsuko Namba’s extremely piercing and pure love story!

Next Volume: To Be Next to You, Volume 8

When fate comes knocking, the relationship between Nina and Miyake is undergoing huge transformations! Nina promised Miyake she would spend Christmas Eve alone with him. However, as she’s about to...

Most Recent Volume: To Be Next to You, Volume 10

A huge hit! This is the last installment of Atsuko Namba's story about pure romance. With the start of a new season, who does Nina’s smile lie with? Also included...

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