Tokyo Alice, Volume 10

Enjoji, who ran away from her own wedding, is reunited with Hiyama in Paris, where they reaffirm their love for each other. And Fu, who's been lost, joins them ... Will Paris, holy city for shoppers, provide Fu a heart-pounding, blow-out shopping experience?! Packed with love, emotions, and shopping—and includes the extra story, “Shopping in Paris”!

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Mizuho gets into a traffic accident! Fu and Rio rush to the hospital and learn that Mizuho is pregnant. Just as they’re determined to raise the child together, Fu is...

Most Recent Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 15

Final volume! Okuzono-san proposes to Fu! Fu’s decided to have the wedding before she turns thirty, but she’s a bit worried about her slacker father who’s missing. Then, Rio uses...

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