Tokyo Alice, Volume 11

Mizuho gets into a traffic accident! Fu and Rio rush to the hospital and learn that Mizuho is pregnant. Just as they’re determined to raise the child together, Fu is transferred to the company office in Kyoto! Her transfer notice was given by her boyfriend and boss, Okuzono-san, and means their separation is all but decided … ! From this volume, it’s not just “Tokyo” Alice anymore! Before she turns thirty years old, Fu gets transferred out of the blue! Fu is now lost in Kyoto.

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Quite unexpectedly, Enjoji, who is still in Paris, puts off a marriage proposal from Hiyama ... ! Even though Rio and Shinonome’s relationship has been stable, it is about to...

Most Recent Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 15

Final volume! Okuzono-san proposes to Fu! Fu’s decided to have the wedding before she turns thirty, but she’s a bit worried about her slacker father who’s missing. Then, Rio uses...

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