Tokyo Alice, Volume 6

The shining sun, a blue ocean and bursting material desires ... Fu and her friends land on Waikiki, a holy place for shoppers ... Four childhood friends pick Hawaii for their first overseas trip together! Fu learns Okuzono-san has been in contact with his ex just before the trip. While the discovery makes her uneasy, Fu shops a lot and eats a lot … It’s a tremendously fun but at the same time little sad Hawaiian shopping story!

Next Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 7

Fu hears from Okuzono that Hiyama is married. Unable to remain silent, she tells Enjoji, and after losing control and suffering heartbreak, Enjoji works out an answer ... Meanwhile, Mizuho...

Most Recent Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 15

Final volume! Okuzono-san proposes to Fu! Fu’s decided to have the wedding before she turns thirty, but she’s a bit worried about her slacker father who’s missing. Then, Rio uses...

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