Tokyo Alice, Volume 8

As Fu spends an overnight with Okuzono-san at his condo, her father suddenly forces his way into the place! Okuzono-san faces her furious father and gives him an unbelievable answer, “I have no intention of marrying her.” Fu is shattered and left speechless. Meanwhile, Izumi who suspects Mizuho has been cheating on him begins to stalk her relentlessly, then finally lashes out with extreme violence ... The girls are getting off track, their lives are spiraling out of control, where is their love heading to ... ?

Next Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 9

The day of her wedding arrives as Enjoji continues to lie about her love for Hiyama. Out of the blue, she gets an international call from Hiyama ... Their story...

Most Recent Volume: Tokyo Alice, Volume 15

Final volume! Okuzono-san proposes to Fu! Fu’s decided to have the wedding before she turns thirty, but she’s a bit worried about her slacker father who’s missing. Then, Rio uses...

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