Tokyo Revengers, Volume 16

The time leap suspense story enters its 16th volume! After gaining information on the Yokohama gang "Tenjiku" in the present, and its leader, Izana Kurokawa, Takemichi returns to the past! But there's no going back to the future now. Takemichi's final battle begins!

Next Volume: Tokyo Revengers, Volume 17

The time leap suspense story enters its 17th volume! At Inui's request, Takemichi becomes the 11th leader of the Black Dragons. As Toman and Tenjiku's full-frontal confrontation approaches, Kisaki's wicked...

Most Recent Volume: Tokyo Revengers, Volume 27

Volume 27 of the latest time leap suspense manga!! Senju, South, and Mikey's summit showdown is finally over!! Just winner and loses of the War of the Three Titans is...

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