Tokyo Tarareba Girls, Volume 4

A meet-cute in a movie rental store has led Rinko into a relationship with the perfect man: he’s tall, he cooks, and he owns a movie-themed café/bar. There’s just one little thing between her and wedded bliss: he wants her to perm her hair. And he won’t let her talk during movies. And he won’t shut up about movies. But to a What-If woman, isn’t a taste of happiness better than searching for the real thing? What if the real thing …doesn’t exist?

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After yet another devastating encounter with Key, Rinko constantly questions what it means to be a “good woman.” The haunting thought drives her to consult a fortune teller, who seems...

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"If I had done this ... " "If only that would happen ... " I repeated those hypotheticals for years and years, hoping one day to be happy. To us,...

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