Tsubasa Omnibus, Volume 4

Syaoran and his worldhopping friends find themselves in grave danger as they continue their interdimensional search for Princess Sakura's missing memories! After the godlike Ashurao kills the mighty Yashao, the country of Shura hangs in the balanceand Syaoran will do anything he can to correct the past. Then, the dimension travelers are off to Piffle World, where the prize for the lucky pilot who wins the elusive Dragonfly Race is one of Princess Sakura's memories! But when contestants are eliminated from the competition unexpectedly, the friends fear that someone may be rigging the race with booby traps. Can the culprit be found before it's too late? And will any of our heroes emerge victorious? Princess Sakura's memoriesand now their livesdepend on it! This omnibus edition includes volumes 1012 of Tsubasa. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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