UQ HOLDER!, Volume 2

Yukihime brings Touta and Kuroumaru to UQ Holder HQ, where they meet a whole team of immortals like them. As new recruits, they are shown the cold shoulder. To earn respect and become full-fledged members of UQ Holder, they must pass an initiation test. Without any warning, Touta and Kuroumaru are dropped into a murky underground maze. Their mission: to escape from this dark monster-infested labyrinth within eight years. Touta says he'll get out in a week. Can Touta beat the odds?

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Touta, Kuroumaru, and Karin are on a mission protecting the poor residents of the slums when they come under fierce attack by powerful enemies who seem to specialize in hunting...

Most Recent Volume: UQ HOLDER!, Volume 26

REUNITED AND IT FEELS... After reuniting with his friends, the large gap in Tōta’s memories is filled when he’s told what really happened after Ba’al’s forces attacked the orbital ring....

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