UQ HOLDER!, Volume 3

Touta, Kuroumaru, and Karin are on a mission protecting the poor residents of the slums when they come under fierce attack by powerful enemies who seem to specialize in hunting down and killing immortals. Touta and Kuroumaru take a nasty beatdown, and in a moment of desperation, Touta finds a new power that may be great or terrible—or both!

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THE POWER OF FATE Tota meets Kiri‘ Sakurame, a mysterious member of UQ Holder. Kiri‘ looks like a little girl, but is apparently the wealthy patron of UQ Holder. Tota...

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REUNITED AND IT FEELS... After reuniting with his friends, the large gap in Tōta’s memories is filled when he’s told what really happened after Ba’al’s forces attacked the orbital ring....

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