Vampire Dormitory, Volume 2

Mito, pretending to be a boy, lives in the boys' dorm as the vampire Ruka's thrall. Every day, Ruka showers Mito with love to sweeten her blood. But the legends speak of a "fated partner" for each vampire, so Mito's heart wavers … will Ruka abandon her?! Meanwhile, one thing after another happens and Mito ends up in very close quarters with the mysterious Ren! Could he be falling for her, too?! The dangerous romance between a crossdressing girl and an obsessive vampire continues!

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Mito finally understands her feelings for Ruka … but just as she realizes the truth, she and Ruka have a fight, and she ends up spending the night with Ren....

cover for Vampire Dormitory, 8

Most Recent Volume: Vampire Dormitory, Volume 8

Mito and Ruka have weathered many challenges together… and no sooner are they engaged than the Patriot militia makes its move, led by none other than Ruka's long-lost brother, Ruzé!...