Vampire Dormitory, Volume 2

SHE'S NOT THAT GIRL After a life of loneliness, the crossdressing Mito has finally found a place where she belongs—living in a boys' dorm as a vampire's thrall! Ruka doesn't know she's a girl, yet he showers her with love in order to sweeten her blood. But just as Mito thinks she's found happiness, she finds out that every vampire has a "fated partner"...and that Ruka is only using her as a temporary substitute. Meanwhile, Mito ends up in close quarters with the mysterious Ren, who has vowed to protect her from being turned into a vampire. Why does he care so much? Could he be falling for her...?

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BLEEDING HEARTS Just after the secretly crossdressing Mito finally realizes that she has feelings for her vampire roommate Ruka, the two of them have a fight and she ends up...

Most Recent Volume: Vampire Dormitory, Volume 9

Ruzé, the long-lost twin brother of Ruka, has fallen hard for Mito, and attacks Ruka to steal her for himself! But Komori, the Progenitor of the Vampires, blocks his attack…and...

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