Vampire Dormitory, Volume 3

Mito finally understands her feelings for Ruka … but just as she realizes the truth, she and Ruka have a fight, and she ends up spending the night with Ren. However, being in close quarters with her awakens the half-vampire dhampir Ren's predatory nature! It's a three-way triangle between a crossdressing girl, an obsessive vampire, and a dangerous dhampir in this heart-pounding third volume!

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"I'll do it! I'll become your thrall!" A crossdressing girl and an obsessive vampire find themselves entangled in a dangerous relationship inside the boys' dorm. This is a heart-pounding boys'...

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Now that Mito and Ruka each know how the other feels, their romance goes into overdrive as Ruka pops the question! However, Major Ruzé of the Patriots, a militia attempting...