cover for Vampire Dormitory, 5

Vampire Dormitory, Volume 5

Not wanting to give Mito up to Ruka, Ren uses his dhampir magic to turn her into a him! Mito's days pass one by one as the chance for Ruka to recognize her as his destined partner grows slimmer and slimmer… But then, Ren's father creates a female doppelganger of Mito to steal Ruka away! Will he be able to tell the difference in time?! It's one turn after another as the heart-pounding boys' love-esque romance drama continues!

Cover for Vampire Dormitory, Volume 6

Next Volume: Vampire Dormitory, Volume 6

“Thank you for protecting me… and for loving me.” Ruka has finally awakened to his true feelings towards Mito. Without regard for gender or destiny, he is in love. But,...

cover for Vampire Dormitory, 8

Most Recent Volume: Vampire Dormitory, Volume 8

Mito and Ruka have weathered many challenges together… and no sooner are they engaged than the Patriot militia makes its move, led by none other than Ruka's long-lost brother, Ruzé!...