Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 3

Naoto went with his classmates to the beach on a trip arranged by his friend. His goal was to get closer to Ishihara-san, the girl who is universally adored by his classmates. Shortly after arriving at the inn, Naoto and Ishihara-san went to get some lunch, and they had a good time together. However, everything changed when a man rumored to be Ishihara-san’s ex-boyfriend showed up! The relationships between Naoto, Ishihara-san, and Satsuki have started to crumble apart. Naoto’s everyday life just won’t be the same after this trip!

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Naoto received an unexpected love confession from Ishihara-san, the girl universally adored by his class. While it was supposed to be a happy occasion, Naoto couldn’t give her a definite...

Most Recent Volume: Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 11

“Since I love both Satsuki and Ishihara-san, I won’t go out with either of them.” That was the answer Naoto arrived at, but even so, he was still racked with...

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