Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 4

Naoto received an unexpected love confession from Ishihara-san, the girl universally adored by his class. While it was supposed to be a happy occasion, Naoto couldn’t give her a definite reply because of his rocky relationship with his childhood friend Satsuki. Naoto doesn’t want to hurt anyone, be them his sister or his childhood friend. Just what will be Naoto’s reply to Ishihara-san’s confession?! Shortly after making another crucial decision, Naoto ran into a girl he seemed to have seen somewhere before!! Naoto thought that everything was going to work out, but now, his high school life is about to get shaken up even more.

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Naoto has started going out with Ishihara-san, the girl of his dreams. He has also started working part-time at a Chinese restaurant along with Makina, his kouhai from middle school....

Most Recent Volume: Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 9

Naoto told Ishihara-san that he stayed at Satsuki’s home, and while he assured her that nothing happened between him and Satsuki, Ishihara-san couldn’t help but feel anxious. One day, Satsuki...

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