Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 6

Naoto is currently dating Ishihara-san, the girl of his dreams. On the night of the fireworks show, he was tempted to have sex with Ishihara-san. While they didn’t have sex in the end, it still resulted in awkwardness between the two later. At the same time, Makina, who had realized that she was in love with Naoto, had also been actively making advances at him. However, Naoto could only see Makina as a little sister, causing her advances to backfire…!! All the girls in Naoto’s life just keep getting bolder and bolder with their approaches! How will Naoto handle this?!

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Naoto is currently going out with Ishihara-san. He was going to have sex with Ishihara-san at her house, but had to give up on the idea because of her mother’s...

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“Since I love both Satsuki and Ishihara-san, I won’t go out with either of them.” That was the answer Naoto arrived at, but even so, he was still racked with...

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