Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 7

Naoto is currently going out with Ishihara-san. He was going to have sex with Ishihara-san at her house, but had to give up on the idea because of her mother’s interference. Ishihara-san’s mother later asked Naoto to break up with her, saying that it was still too soon for the two of them to date each other. Despite this, the two still secretly meet up with each other. However, Naoto wants to be able to support his little sister without relying on other people, so he decides to increase his work hours, leaving him less time to spend with Ishihara-san. Later on, something Naoto never saw coming happens to him!

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Naoto came to say goodbye to his childhood friend Satsuki, who was going back to her family’s home in Matsumoto City. However, he ended up getting pulled onto the train...

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Naoto told Ishihara-san that he stayed at Satsuki’s home, and while he assured her that nothing happened between him and Satsuki, Ishihara-san couldn’t help but feel anxious. One day, Satsuki...

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