Watari-kun's ****** Is about to Collapse, Volume 8

Naoto came to say goodbye to his childhood friend Satsuki, who was going back to her family’s home in Matsumoto City. However, he ended up getting pulled onto the train to Matsumoto by Satsuki. Satsuki’s home turned out to be a long-established and splendid inn. While Naoto wanted to go back to his girlfriend Ishihara-san as soon as possible, he also couldn’t leave Satsuki alone after learning about her issues with her family, so he stayed behind for one night. Since his phone was also broken, he couldn’t get in touch with Ishihara-san, either… Some light will finally be shed on Satsuki’s mysterious past, and Naoto’s daily life will be further demolished due to another beautiful girl!!

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Naoto told Ishihara-san that he stayed at Satsuki’s home, and while he assured her that nothing happened between him and Satsuki, Ishihara-san couldn’t help but feel anxious. One day, Satsuki...

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“Since I love both Satsuki and Ishihara-san, I won’t go out with either of them.” That was the answer Naoto arrived at, but even so, he was still racked with...

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