Wave, Listen to Me!, Volume 3

With her third show under her belt, Minare Koda's silver tongue has echoed throughout late-night Hokkaido! Having just overcome an absurd show plan involving the burial of the ex who betrayed her, a new trial springs upon Minare—without a moment to spare. After a neighbor in her apartment complex, Shinji Oka, sends a fax to the station, she ends up paying a visit to his home. There, she finds ... bags of rotting flesh in the crawl space?!

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As Minare struggles to establish an identity for her radio show and for herself as a radio personality, she enters the recording booth for the fourth time devoid of good...

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Most Recent Volume: Wave, Listen to Me!, Volume 6

As Minare Koda continues to grow as a radio host week by week, one day, she's assigned to accompany Mizhuho and Kureko to Wassamu for some on-site research. But soon...