We Must Never Fall in Love 7

Sakura Nishiyama's had a hard time facing her parents lately, and it might have something to do with her steamy relationship with her smokin'-hot step-brother, Kaede! The two agree to keep it rated PG-13 for now, but will their boundaries survive a night alone in the same room at a hot springs resort?! And now that the whole gang is in their second year of high school, Hatano has his eye on a new classmate... Sakura! Things are heating up in the Nishiyama household as these two stepsiblings fumble to keep their love alive—but will they also be able to keep it a secret?

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More than ever, Sakura and Kaede are sure they’re in love and have promised to tell their parents about their relationship someday. But when Sakura’s mom collapses from overwork, Kaede...

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It's been six months since Hatano looked Sakura in the eye and told her he loved her. Near the end of summer break, Kaede suddenly pays a return visit to...

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