We're New at This, Volume 2

The cool wife Sumika’s weakness…is her husband Ikuma ____ing her ____! They’re married, but they still haven’t consummated. This couple loves each other so much that their pure and awkward days together are full of unavoidable moments of painful cuteness! “Whether I'm in bed with you, away at work, or just got home exhausted, I'm always in Heaven, because I know you'll be there for me.” Don’t miss this cheerful newlywed romantic comedy that’ll make you want to get married too!

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Pure newlyweds Ikuma and Sumika still haven’t gone all the way. But it does look like they’re squeezing in some action when they can?! When Sumika visits Ikuma’s office, the...

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Most Recent Volume: We're New at This, Volume 9

Days of loving, days of fighting, but when we’re together, they’re all sweet! Sumika and Ikuma are still fighting over incorrigible playboy Uehara’s relationship issues. Even when you’re married, it...

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