cover for We're New at This, 7

We're New at This, Volume 7

Sumika and Ikuma dream of one day holding their own wedding at a romantic chapel, but Ikuma’s screwup during their midsummer trip to Karuizawa results in Sumika standing at the altar without him, playing another man’s bride! Can this pair of lovebirds overcome the greatest crisis they have faced since getting married?!

Buying a home, having kids…the happy couple has started thinking about their future, and things are about to get chaotic!

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With their eyes set on the future, Sumika and Ikuma move to a bigger place. They thought this change of environment would add further fire to their loving life together,...

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It is Ikuma’s beloved wife Sumika’s birthday. Wanting to make her happy, Ikuma gives her a…”Do Anything Certificate”! And the all-too-eager request from the wife is…”Pamper me all day!!” Looking...

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