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We're New at This, Volume 9

Days of loving, days of fighting, but when we’re together, they’re all sweet!

Sumika and Ikuma are still fighting over incorrigible playboy Uehara’s relationship issues. Even when you’re married, it can be tough to reconcile differences in opinion… But no matter how differently you think, as long as you love each other, you’ll be all right. How does our couple who loves each other too much solve this problem?! Relatable happiness and worries abound in this maturing newlywed story!

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Let’s envision a bright future and live it happily together! Navigating their shared days, Ikuma and Sumika greet the new year as husband and wife. When an intense snowstorm assails...

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It is Ikuma’s beloved wife Sumika’s birthday. Wanting to make her happy, Ikuma gives her a…”Do Anything Certificate”! And the all-too-eager request from the wife is…”Pamper me all day!!” Looking...

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