What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 13

Gilbert invites himself over for a hot-pot made with common-folk ingredients, and Shiro wonders if things will be weird with Kohinata. Kenji tries to put off entering his 50’s for as long as possible, until Shiro reframes the idea of birthday celebrations, just as an old college classmate of Shiro’s passes away. Changes are afoot at both Kenji’s salon and Shiro’s law firm… but the one constant is that there is always good food and great company to be enjoyed.

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Shino and Shuhei deal with busybodies worried about their health. Tabuchi figures out how make his latest girlfriend try new things in the kitchen. Shiro and Kenji meet up with...

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Shiro and Kenji are now approaching their sixties, and to Kenji’s horror, Shiro has started making plans for the end of his life. Meanwhile, unforeseen circumstances at work mean that...

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