What I Love About You, Volume 1

Yunoki has not only found himself in bed with a woman he doesn't know, but she insists they're already a couple?! The woman, Kotoka Hatsushima, is a charming,23-year-old writer...who has one heck of a back fetish, and Yunoki fit the bill! And when she tells Yunoki that it was her hair that sealed the deal for him, he realizes the truth—she knows about his hair fetish, AND she's absolutely right! He's mortified, but Kotoka sees reason—if they float each others' boats and already know about each other's predilictions...why not start a relationship? And Yunoki can't argue with that...thus the back/hair (not to be confused with back hair!) hijinks ensue!

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Yunoki and Kotoka have a… relatively healthy relationship, considering it's built on Yunoki's obsession with Kotoka's hair and her (literal) taste for Yunoki's back. But add one audiophile childhood friend...

Most Recent Volume: What I Love About You, Volume 9

Miori confessed her love to Naoi, and Mugi also told him that there’s something she wants to tell him after the school festival is over. Their kink-driven love triangle has...

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