What I Love About You, Volume 3

Kotoka is a woman who is mature at times, childish at times, and even a bit absurd at times! Regardless, her boyfriend Tatsu will always obey the will of the one god in his life: her hair! The back/hair hijinks of the sweet couple continue in the third volume, where Kotoka regresses to a baby after being hypnotized!

Next Volume: What I Love About You, Volume 4

Because of her promise, Kotoka had to let Mashizu go on a date with Tatsu! Naturally, she also tailed them to make sure that they’re not up to any funny...

Most Recent Volume: What I Love About You, Volume 9

Miori confessed her love to Naoi, and Mugi also told him that there’s something she wants to tell him after the school festival is over. Their kink-driven love triangle has...

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