When We're in Love, Volume 1

Responsible class president Nanase Sakashita couldn't be more different than the class-cutting loner, Hana-kun. But when he saves her from a pushy classmate, the two strike up an unlikely friendship. Nanase is determined to help set him straight and keep him in school, and Hana-kun is equally determined to show her there's a life outside the classroom. Will the two be able to overcome their differences?

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Nanase can't stop falling for Hana-kun, even though he's made it clear that he only has eyes for someone else. When she drops his present meant for Komari-chan, she accidentally...

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Most Recent Volume: When We're in Love, Volume 10

Because of Hana-kun's passionate approach, Nanase decided to go back to being a couple again! Although it was strained at first, the two of them went to the sea and...

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