When We're in Love, Volume 2

Nanase can't stop falling for Hana-kun, even though he's made it clear that he only has eyes for someone else. When she drops his present meant for Komari-chan, she accidentally blurts out that it belongs to the guy she likes—only to find out that he was right around the corner the whole time! Now she has to wonder... did he hear all that?!

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Nanase's been thinking a lot about Hana-kun lately—like how he feels about her and how she can get closer to him. For now, she's decided to make getting his email...

cover for When We're in Love, 10

Most Recent Volume: When We're in Love, Volume 10

Because of Hana-kun's passionate approach, Nanase decided to go back to being a couple again! Although it was strained at first, the two of them went to the sea and...

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