When We're in Love, Volume 5

Finally, Nanase becomes a couple with Hana-kun. She’s so happy that everyday she feels like she’s walking on air. The two of them then go on their nerve-wracking first date! Nanase makes it her goal to hold hands with him, but an incident happens and she loses the chance to do so…?! The direction for the love between these two is getting more and more worrisome…!! This is volume five of the booming popular heart-throbbing school love story!

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Nanase has her first kiss with Hana-kun on Christmas Eve! Nanase is full of joy and embarrassment, and lights up every day just by thinking about Hana-kun!! However, their love...

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Most Recent Volume: When We're in Love, Volume 10

Because of Hana-kun's passionate approach, Nanase decided to go back to being a couple again! Although it was strained at first, the two of them went to the sea and...

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