Whisper Me a Love Song, Volume 2

Himari is starting to realize that she and Yori have two very different things in mind when they talk about being in love, and Yori can tell that things aren’t quite the same between them since she asked Himari out. But if they want to stay together, whether as friends or something more, they’ll have to hear each other out and see if they can get back in harmony. With band practice cutting into their time together and Himari making a new friend who tugs on Yori’s deepest insecurities, both girls start to wonder: how can one little word make everything so complicated?

cover for Whisper Me a Love Song, 3

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After Aki confesses that she is in love with Yori, Himari suddenly has a deadline to figure out how she feels about her senpai. Maybe her new friend Momoka can...

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