Will It Be the World or Her?, Volume 2

Koki Nakagawa has feelings for his childhood best friend, Ayumi Fujisaki. However, she has been granted powers where, if she’s emotionally shaken, she’ll end up unconsciously destroying the world. If he confesses his feelings to her and she’s stunned by this revelation, the world will end...?! Still, Koki can’t seem to manage to kill off his feelings for Ayumi. That’s when another girl named Hikari Jindo appears, claims she’s here to protect the world, and sets up sexy traps for our poor Koki. “You better think long and hard about whose side you’re on.” These two girls decide it’s time to battle it out right before Koki’s very eyes! The supremely extravagant ultimate choice romcom might reach an early conclusion?!

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Ayumi Fujisaki, beloved longtime friend of Koki Nakagawa, has powers. When she is emotionally shaken or becomes worked up, these powers unconsciously activate and can potentially bring about the destruction...

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"Having finally recovered Ayumi’s stolen powers, the situation appeared to have been all but wrapped up. However, the enemy’s final struggle ends in Koki being shot. Hikari can use her...

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