cover for Will It Be the World or Her?, 6

Will It Be the World or Her?, Volume 6

Does Ayumi feel the same?! But Koki knows that if he confesses, it's lights out of for the world. Jindo's sexy traps really kick it up a notch! But if he gives in to temptation, it'll be a bloodbath. And then there's Tenshi's plan to quickly approach Ayumi because she is after Ayumi's powers. Koki then finds himself in a situation he can no longer flee from. He must choose between Ayumi, Jindo, or Tenshi in front of the entire school! “The time has come, Nakagawa!! Who will it be?!” Does he want the world, the girl, or heaven? The choice he makes will seal the fate of everyone present. The supremely extravagant, ultimate choice romcom finally reaches its climax!!