cover for Ya Boy Kongming!, 2

Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 2

The famous general, Zhuge Kongming, reborns into present-day Shibuya after his death. He takes up the role as the singer, Eiko Tsukimi’s tactician, to bring peace across the world by using club music! After Eiko’s concert ends in a grand success, the team is ready to prepare for their next battle, an outdoor festival. What kind of scheme does Kongming have to help Eiko, who’s stuck with a booth that’s located in the most remote place of the festival?!

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Next Volume: Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 3

Zhuge Kongming has been reborn in Shibuya! He’s now working as Eiko Tsukimi’s tactician to break out in the club scene! Their next challenge is to get 100,000 likes in...

Most Recent Volume: Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 7

Eiko and Kongming joins the Kyoto Five-District Festival! They ride into battle with their floats, traveling across the city. It's a simple competition, where the team that can gather the...