cover for Ya Boy Kongming!, 3

Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 3

Zhuge Kongming has been reborn in Shibuya! He’s now working as Eiko Tsukimi’s tactician to break out in the club scene! Their next challenge is to get 100,000 likes in order to perform at the major outdoor concert festival, Summer Sonia. The key to their victory is the talented rapper, KABEtaijin. But to get him out of his slump, Kongming is going to have to face him in a rap battle!

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Next Volume: Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 4

Zhuge Kongming reincarnates into present-day Shibuya and is working with the up-and-coming singer, Eiko Tsukimi, as her tactician! While Eiko has to record her all-new, original song, she finds herself...

Most Recent Volume: Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 8

"We can prepare everything you'll need." A major label sends a passionate invite to Eiko. "You need to cut Kongming out of your life and sign a contract with a major...