cover for Ya Boy Kongming!, 6

Ya Boy Kongming!, Volume 6

Zhuge Kongming is aiming to unite the world with the aspiring sing, Eiko Tsukimi's music! They have challenged Eiko's mother, Shoko, who has a firm stance against Eiko pursuing music! If Eiko's new song, "Flower Crown," can move the people's hearts, then Shoko will let Eiko continue on her dream to become a singer! To complete this song about "sibling love," Eiko must look to her past. She decides to go back to her family town in Kyoto with Kongming! But having reached the town heavy with history between Eiko and her mother, Eiko struggles to find that "something missing" to complete her song. Thus starts the Kyoto Festival Arc!

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Eiko and Kongming joins the Kyoto Five-District Festival! They ride into battle with their floats, traveling across the city. It's a simple competition, where the team that can gather the...

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