Yamaguchi-kun Isn't So Bad, Volume 1

Shy Satsuki Shinohara's plan for a big high school debut are almost ruined by a pervert on the train, but she's saved by none other than the "gangster" student in her class, Yamaguchi-kun. He's already got a bad rap with the other students, and though Satsuki tries to approach him, he seems to always weasel out of her grasp. But she's not one to let a challenge daunt her, and she's out to prove that Yamaguchi-kun is so much more than he's cracked up to be.

cover for Yamaguchi-kun Isn't So Bad, 2

Next Volume: Yamaguchi-kun Isn't So Bad, Volume 2

“When I see you being close with Ishizaki-kun, it drives me nuts!” Seeing Yamaguchi-kun jealous, Satsuki found him so cute. Now that Satsuki has feelings for Yamaguchi-kun, her heart won’t...

Most Recent Volume: Yamaguchi-kun Isn't So Bad, Volume 6

“Will you go on a date with me on October 24th?” Satsuki got to spend her first birthday with her love, Yamaguchi-kun, after they started dating. Yamaguchi-kun took her to...