You Got Me, Sempai!, Volume 2

It’s been four months now since Serina and Mizukawa-sempai started going out. The second semester kicks off with a schoolwide festival, and Serina realizes something—Mizukawa-sempai’s popular with the girls. But before she can come to terms with this revelation, she meets Higuchi-sempai, the hottest boy at school—and he seems to have a thing for her! She’s living the high school love story of her dreams, and every day—no, every second—her heart races a little faster!

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Serina arrived at school one day to discover someone had scribbled the lyrics of a love song all over her desk … and the culprit turned out to be one...

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Most Recent Volume: You Got Me, Sempai!, Volume 10

Serina and Mizukawa-sempai renew their commitment to each other on the night after Christmas and decide to go out again. Then, after Sempai finally wraps up his college entrance exams,...

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