You Got Me, Sempai!, Volume 3

Serina arrived at school one day to discover someone had scribbled the lyrics of a love song all over her desk…and the culprit turned out to be one Mizukawa-sempai, a boy one year her elder. He was awkward at first, but Serina was too intrigued not to pursue him…and before she knew it, she’d asked him out! Now, they’re well on their way to their next step as a couple! Serina accompanies Mizukawa and his classmates on a trip over winter break. But once they arrive, they happen to run into a girl who seems to have a history with Mizukawa! Could this mean troubled waters for Serina and Sempai? With each passing second, Serina’s heart beats a little faster! Don’t miss out on volume 3 of this school romance story!