Your Lie in April, Volume 4

Kosei’s road back to playing the piano has been rough, but he’s finally beginning to regain his confidence, even though he still has trouble hearing the notes. But as his first solo competition in years closes in, Kosei will have to deal with reentering a cutthroat world, where old rivals still remember—and resent—Kosei’s younger self, the precocious Human Metronome. Kaori’s support is unwavering, but will it be enough to push Kosei through all the toxic memories this experience dredges up?

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The music competition is in full swing, with both of Kosei’s old rivals—the genius Takeshi Aiza and unstable prodigy Emi Igawa— energized by his return. When it’s finally Kosei’s turn,...

Most Recent Volume: Your Lie in April, Volume 11

Final volume! Kaori undergoes surgery even as Kosei performs in his competition, each of them as vulnerable as ever, but finally embracing the courage to take these ultimate risks. As...

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