You're My Pet, Volume 7

Sumire simply can't get over Hasumi, but thankfully Momo's always there for her. Is Sumire starting to fall for Momo? Meanwhile, when Sumire goes away on business, guess who shows up in Tokyo - Hasumi! As Hasumi anxiously awaits Sumire's return, Sumire meets a woman at the Hong Kong office who has a child. And you'll never guess whose child it is...

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Hasumi, Sumire, and Momo's love triangle is complicated enough, but it gets a lot trickier in this volume. First, Sumire and Hasumi have their first physical fight. After the fight...

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In the final volume of You're My Pet, Takeshi's family has come to see him perform! Sumire goes to meet them, although Takeshi fears that things might not go so...

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