Yozakura Quartet, Volume 24

After the battle with Oushuu leaves an Ao-shaped hole in Sakurashin, the gang scrambles to pick up the pieces and carry on. Some leave their comfort zones in an attempt to accept reality, while others set out in search of the power to change it. But they are all fueled by one thing: the safe return of their frizzy-haired friend! And so, the home team regroups and prepares for the final showdown in October!

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Akina and co. have journeyed to the Ise Grand Shrine to have a sitdown with the one and only elder god Izanami-no-Mikoto, whom informs them of a divine plot to...

cover for Yozakura Quartet, 28

Most Recent Volume: Yozakura Quartet, Volume 28

As the showdown with Akina's ancestor Oushuu Hiizumi draws ever closer, the would-be saviors of Sakurashin struggle to steel themselves before the final battle. Some worry they're just a burden,...

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