Yozakura Quartet, Volume 26

The clash with Oushuu Hiizumi, devourer of souls and harbinger of death, is fast approaching. To arm themselves for the final battle, Akina and co. make for the Ise Grand Shrine one last time to beseech the elder god Izanami-no-Mikoto to forge them a new set of sacred treasures blessed with her own divine power. Will their wish be granted, or fall upon deaf ears?

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To arm themselves for the final battle against the death god Oushuu, Akina and co. pay a visit to the Ise Grand Shrine to beseech the help of elder god...

cover for Yozakura Quartet, 28

Most Recent Volume: Yozakura Quartet, Volume 28

As the showdown with Akina's ancestor Oushuu Hiizumi draws ever closer, the would-be saviors of Sakurashin struggle to steel themselves before the final battle. Some worry they're just a burden,...

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