Yozakura Quartet, Volume 4

Akina has the power to send the demons of Sakurashin Town to the Afterworld. But Akina dreams of a day when humans and demons can co-exist peacefully. When a powerful mystery man invades the town, the road to that dream becomes very dangerous.

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Sakurashin Town is a place where—amazingly—humans and demons co-exist. But when the borders are breached by demon hunters, Akina and Hime must protect one of their own from the vicious...

cover for Yozakura Quartet, 28

Most Recent Volume: Yozakura Quartet, Volume 28

As the showdown with Akina's ancestor Oushuu Hiizumi draws ever closer, the would-be saviors of Sakurashin struggle to steel themselves before the final battle. Some worry they're just a burden,...

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